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Cook’s consensus – you are all missing the point

The sample data is skewed by filtering. If I were to extract data from football reports for ‘broken windows’ I might find there was some trouble after the local derby, that Police made some arrests after one or two windows … Continue reading

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The wacky world of AGW promotion

In the wacky world of AGW promotion we often come face to face with the template. The template is a preformatted piece of propaganda, you only need insert three or four words to complete the trick. All the best MSM … Continue reading

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Nothing changes – except maybe the climate

Nothing much changes. Sure, the wheel was rather a grand invention, the transistor revolutionised electronics and the microprocessor of course – but at the end of the day the human condition still exists and snake oil continues to outperform alternative … Continue reading

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The propaganda juggernaut – part dos

Way back in 2007 when Southern Spain was a bit drier than usual, Greenpeace came up with this imaginative artist’s impression of the desertification of southern and eastern Spain. It shows the river Ebro on its course through Zaragoza. The … Continue reading

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Fantasy Climate

The Met Office strikes once more … Atlantic hurricane numbers ‘linked to industrial pollution’ The Met Office article refers to a scientific paper published in Nature Geoscience and gives us ten belly laughs paragraphs to mull over. This one is … Continue reading

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