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Urban Heat 1

Image, RTVE (Radio Television Español) Tuesday 5th August 2014. That’s one heck of a steep gradient between Malaga airport (37ºC) and Fuengirola (27ºC). Some cold air is spilling down from the hills above Fuengirola but it doesn’t seem to arrive … Continue reading

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After 17 years of no warming the climate wars enter stalemate

After 17 years without warming the climate wars are locked in stalemate. The climate alarmists ;- Have gained huge influence inside governments and institutions within our western democracies. Are using alarm to justify their existence, to expand their funding and … Continue reading

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ADL – a step too far in entirely the wrong direction

Shelley Rose, ADL Southeast Interim Regional Director issued the following statement: University of Alabama-Huntsville Professor Roy Spencer’s analogy of proponents of global warming to Nazis is outrageous and deeply offensive. This analogy is just the latest example of a troubling … Continue reading

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The history of climate change

As we all know, the climate never changed until Al Gore decided. So in this episode we take a look back at Al Gore’s invention of climate change and its prestigious inauguration. It was in 1990 that Al decided to … Continue reading

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More settled science

The thermohaline circulation, also described as the ‘great ocean conveyor’ is one of the most significant control knobs of the climate system.

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Those pesky maps

You’ll all be familiar with Mercator projections, the maps that make Greenland look five times the size it really is. Well the Mercator has fallen from grace but Mercator hybrids are still used and come in useful if you’re trying … Continue reading

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Order from Chaos

Ideally this subject is best covered by Tallbloke’s Talkshop. First of all, this is not a theory – just a collection of observations in support of the novel idea that the Sun plays a key role in Earth’s climates, not … Continue reading

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