Urban Heat 1


Image, RTVE (Radio Television Español) Tuesday 5th August 2014.

That’s one heck of a steep gradient between Malaga airport (37ºC) and Fuengirola (27ºC).

Some cold air is spilling down from the hills above Fuengirola but it doesn’t seem to arrive at the Airport less than 2km away. Downtown Malaga (36ºC) is showing some Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect but the airport is out doing the centre. The port, despite the industry appears to be cooled by the sea breeze.

The percentages in green are relative humidity, some stark differences there too.

So the airport looks like a rogue measurement. In the centre there would have been thousands of homes and businesses with their air conditioning running. The airport has a little light industry adjacent.

Is this another case of runway thermometers taking a blast of jet engine exhaust? I guess we’ll need to know the exact siting arrangements for those measurements.

Now consider what’s happening in the USA where thousands of installations have been taken out of the datasets in favour of calculated guesses based on readings from the closest available installation. That’s stupid on sticks.

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