Those pesky maps


You’ll all be familiar with Mercator projections, the maps that make Greenland look five times the size it really is. Well the Mercator has fallen from grace but Mercator hybrids are still used and come in useful if you’re trying to exaggerate warmth in the Arctic.

Below we see one situation, same data, two graphics. NASA offer free software to produce the second graphic but they prefer to use the first graphic.


It’s quite comical that Greenland would fit in the blue (cold) area of Northwest Africa.

But the most dishonest map is of Greenland (below). Not for its basic inaccuracy or the projection but for how it was conceived to deceive. First thing to note is the appallingly low quality of a graphic that originated from NASA who receive billions of dollars every year to investigate ‘climate change’.

icemap grist

The legend is barely legible, presumably to reduce close inspection. On closer inspection this is not a before and after montage, it’s two separate phases of a brief melt that affected Greenland. But however bad the legend is, it was cropped out of most press reports allowing the disappearing white blob to give the impression of a colossal ice loss.

Then the usual press suspects who ran with this graphic glossed over the fact that the ice sheet is several kilometres thick and would take thousand of years to melt, glossed over the fact that melt was in the order of millimetres and barely detectable, glossed over the fact that such a small amount of melting would have re-frozen without much loss of ice. A true before and after graphic would have contained two very similar images.

The propaganda was served up hot and steaming, aided and abetted by an unusual choice of colours and the fact that the graphic shows two separate melts on the 8th and 12th of July 2012 but gives the impression of a before and after graphic, which would need a better legend.

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