Order from Chaos

Ideally this subject is best covered by Tallbloke’s Talkshop.

First of all, this is not a theory – just a collection of observations in support of the novel idea that the Sun plays a key role in Earth’s climates, not only by means of irradiance but also by variations of magnetic flux.

The Earth has its own magnetic field commonly described as a dipole with north and south poles and associated magnetic fields reaching out into the Magnetosphere. The Magnetosphere is more than twice the size of the planet but compressed at the equator on the sun-facing aspect of the planet giving maximum protection at the equator. The north and south magnetic fields reach further out and are influenced greatly by solar activity, allowing the Sun to modulate them.

This affects polar weather and the underlying high and low pressure vortices suffer maximum perturbation at times of intense Solar activity. Both poles are dominated by high pressure zones surrounded by low pressure vortices (the circumpolar trough). Chaotic changes are normal but increased at times of high solar activity. The first graphic shows a progression from order to chaos over Antarctica, the second graphic shows a typical pattern over the north pole.

polar image2

The next graphic shows the predominating ocean circulations in the southern hemisphere. Worth noting that these currents are counter-clockwise while the weather systems are clockwise, the question though is do these polar currents control or dominate the whole circulation between the polar regions and the equator.

It’s entirely logical that the equatorial circulation becomes a buffer, the nullifying effect of two counterforces (the doldrums). Protagonism by the polar currents becomes even more likely, despite lesser (planetary) rotational motion they have no opposing forces. If that were the case, changes in geomagnetic energy significantly affect the oceans and by extension the water cycle and by extension the earth’s climatic regions, often referred to as ‘The Climate’.

Southern Inage 3

This blog is in response to ‘Climate due to water-cycle not CO2’ and ‘Solar Magnetic influence on Earth’s atmospheric pressure’. Both are discussed at JoNova.

Solar flares, Sun spots, Mass Coronal Ejections and Geomagnetic storms are all different phenomena, occasional and variable, they do not measure the constant variation of geomagnetic energy.

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