Blooming Heck


What is Political Correctness?

Political correctness is the removal of your right to an opinion. They want you shut up.

No matter what you said, they know what you were thinking. A thought crime. No matter how tangential the connotation, if you skirted the forbidden zone you are now a political enemy and you are done for. They’ll even go looking for that geographically vague, mythical land to find a hypothetical victim of your evil reference. And if the hypothetical victim is not too offended, they’ll persuade another to feel his pain.

The PC police are ‘equal opportunity challenged’, so only certain types of folk appear on their radar. Anyone who challenges their dystopia is fair game but if you are in anyway favourable to the destruction of your host nation, you are totally exempt.

At no time do the PC police say, ‘tell us again without the ambiguous reference’ or ‘he’s right,
but he’ll have to be careful with his language’, ‘he’s a character but he’s got a point’.

This is not about grammar or colourful language, it’s about their hatred for you, it’s about silencing your opinion. They are self-appointed guardians of society’s moral high ground, a terrain they don’t own, a terrain they don’t occupy. Tell them to stop squatting on other people’s land. And more importantly, tell them to quit using this fake authority for political executions.

The None Trial

Consists of the chosen victim, the judge and the jury.

The witch-finder general and the jury know that the victim is guilty, wrong, and needs to be silenced, regardless of the evidence, regardless of the public support. There is no trial, just fast-track vengeance. The victim is swiftly sentenced, and he is restrained while the jury contact the executioners, a claque of useful idiots.

The useful idiots arrive like a pack of hyenas, surround the victim, at first goading him with offers to be eviscerated on daytime TV or some radio interview, anything that can be edited to validate the execution. They pour their opprobrium on him. Eventually the killer blow is delivered – ‘racist’ or ‘denier’.


The hyenas are still attacking the Wikipedia ‘bongo bongo land’ entry and while the trial still simmers in cyberspace, in reality, the latest victim resembles the ‘black knight’ after the second blow.

If you google search “bongo bongo land” wrapped in quotes, you’ll get 36 million results. The first of those results are from those impartial organs of new age truth, the Guardian and the Independent. Two of the ringleaders of the grotesque claque. What a turn up for the books that the BBC failed to reach first place in the search ratings. Well done BBC, you are now failing to fail, that’s a stark improvement.

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