The propaganda juggernaut – part dos

Way back in 2007 when Southern Spain was a bit drier than usual, Greenpeace came up with this imaginative artist’s impression of the desertification of southern and eastern Spain. It shows the river Ebro on its course through Zaragoza.


The images were part of documents that would land on the IPCC tables at the 2007 Bali conference and like many similar documents (that get incorporated into IPCC reports as scientific evidence) they envisioned devastating consequences should CO2 emissions not be reduced drastically.

The course of the river would dry up, as would 80% of the rivers of southern Europe, they claimed that the Pyrenees had lost 85% of its glaciers in the previous 30 years.

But they never mentioned that the Ebro has a history of sporadic droughts as photographic evidence shows …


The Ebro wasn’t particularly short of water anyway and it was thoroughly unimpressed by the Greenpeace propaganda. Once Greenpeace had spread their propaganda fertilizer around the national press, the ‘Gore Effect’ sprang immediately into action. Higher than normal rainfall returned to most of Spain. Now, Zaragoza is to receive €24m in assistance to repair damages caused by the floods of 2013.


Here’s another example of the ‘Gore Effect’ in all its majesty. Whizzing back to 2007 once again, the Sau reservoir became another fleeting icon for the Greens. This time the BBC and Guardian jumped in with excellent closeups of the receding water and baking conditions. Perhaps they should have waited.


Ebro Floods 2013

Greenpeace propaganda 2007 style

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2 Responses to The propaganda juggernaut – part dos

  1. stan stendera says:

    You asked me on WUWT what stage 5 is? Stage 5 is the total implosion of the warmist nonsense.

    • That’s a relief stan, I was imagining jackbooted stormtroopers rounding up the dissidents. I’ll go with your idea and raise you stage 6. That’s where we get some legal redress and proper investigations into all the damage caused by the villains.

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