Sea Levels – it’s getting serious

Now it’s getting serious and it’s worse than I thought. Recent developments reveal a superabundance of unforseen circumstances that are likely to result from climate change.

Having an extensive property portfolio which includes a beachfront ‘mansion’, I have two nagging concerns. First is how to swing a cat round in the beach house and the second is rising sea levels.

Every February or March the Atlantic rollers get angry and scrape away the beach sand leaving just pebbles and grit. This is the result.

beach and rock

But not to worry, in May the sand is magically returned to the beach by a dredger. Once the sand has been pumped onto the beach and has dried out, the beach bar is constructed.

beach and boat

The problem this year is that there’s no money, so there’s no dredger and no returned sand. Barbate council are one of the poorest in Andalucia with over 55% unemployment. They often have their electricity cut off for non payment and they’re always late paying for the services they procure. But never fear, Brussels are keen to remove the last few fishing rights they have, including a reciprocal agreement with Morocco which allows a few boats to trawl in Moroccan waters. And the Greenies are trying to stop the Tuna fishing, the primary industry in Barbate. The Tuna hunt is an annual event with 2,300 years of history in this location.

Personally I prefer wild and savage coastlines and the money saved would help the people of Barbate. That leaves me with two new and nagging problems, at high tide I can’t get to the beach bar, and at high tide I can’t leave the beach bar. This is prima facie evidence of climate change and the counterintuitive problems we can expect. More and less snow, hotter colder, more bar, less bar, or maybe, just maybe, many of Barbate’s problems stem from the EU and the Greens.


I’ve just had this old photo forwarded to me, this is one of the big Atlantic rollers that come during February and March.


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