Fantasy Climate

The Met Office strikes once more …

Atlantic hurricane numbers ‘linked to industrial pollution’

The Met Office article refers to a scientific paper published in Nature Geoscience and gives us ten belly laughs paragraphs to mull over.

This one is a gem

This interaction between aerosols and clouds is a process that is now being included in some of the latest generation climate models.

Haven’t sceptics been pointing out the lack of provision for cloud variability in climate models? These models …

Here we go again …

It has long been known that North Atlantic hurricane activity has distinct long-timescale variability.

We have the satellite era data, that’s true. Before the satellite era the north Atlantic was monitored by aviation and before that we have scant maritime reports. If a hurricane did not make landfall in 1920 the odds are we might never know it existed.

So what is this ‘long known’ information? The planet is 4.6 billion years old and climate science is tellingly infantile.

This brand of fantasy climate is not science.

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