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Fantasy Climate

The Met Office strikes once more … Atlantic hurricane numbers ‘linked to industrial pollution’ The Met Office article refers to a scientific paper published in Nature Geoscience and gives us ten belly laughs paragraphs to mull over. This one is … Continue reading

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The propaganda juggernaut (part 1)

Google ‘cooling tower’ in google images and the first three images of cooling towers are as follows. Google ‘Global Warming’ in google images and you won’t have to scroll down too far before your first images of cooling towers appear … Continue reading

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Picking up the pieces

If you cast your mind back far enough, you might recall silent spring* and how it became a cornerstone of the ‘Green’ movement (all members hereinafter referred to as watermelons). Today, the wholesale slaughter of birds is graciously permitted because … Continue reading

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My Junk Mail

Some advice to my readers. Organize your inbox and never cut and paste stuff into notepad, that’s precisely what I did with this job application, now I can’t remember who it was for or what job. Can anyone help? Maybe … Continue reading

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Here’s something for the eco-loonies to dwell on. The general public are fed up with you. Fed up with your whining, fed up with your lies and fed up with your endless hyper-ventilating. You have lost the public’s trust and … Continue reading

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