Urban Heat 1


Image, RTVE (Radio Television Español) Tuesday 5th August 2014.

That’s one heck of a steep gradient between Malaga airport (37ºC) and Fuengirola (27ºC).

Some cold air is spilling down from the hills above Fuengirola but it doesn’t seem to arrive at the Airport less than 2km away. Downtown Malaga (36ºC) is showing some Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect but the airport is out doing the centre. The port, despite the industry appears to be cooled by the sea breeze.

The percentages in green are relative humidity, some stark differences there too.

So the airport looks like a rogue measurement. In the centre there would have been thousands of homes and businesses with their air conditioning running. The airport has a little light industry adjacent.

Is this another case of runway thermometers taking a blast of jet engine exhaust? I guess we’ll need to know the exact siting arrangements for those measurements.

Now consider what’s happening in the USA where thousands of installations have been taken out of the datasets in favour of calculated guesses based on readings from the closest available installation. That’s stupid on sticks.

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After 17 years of no warming the climate wars enter stalemate


After 17 years without warming the climate wars are locked in stalemate.

The climate alarmists ;-

Have gained huge influence inside governments and institutions within our western democracies.
Are using alarm to justify their existence, to expand their funding and establish new departments with wider powers and ever increasing controls over the people.
Are infiltrating NGO’s to embed themselves inside a world government framework with powers to override national governments.
Have quite successfully brainwashed a generation of youth with propaganda initiatives in schools and universities.

A formidable problem for the climate realists.

The climate realists and the counter resistance.

For many people the propaganda was far too obvious, it became clear that they were being indoctrinated. For that we have to thank the BBC in particular and the MSM in general.

People started to connect the dots between Green politics and the unwarranted increases in their energy bills.

The failed predictions began to mount up.

The chief architects of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scare and the authors of the apocalyptic predictions failed to take their own advice, each having carbon footprints fifty or one hundred times the size of the average person. They continued their jet set lifestyles telling us how to consume less.

It emerged that many of the founders of the Environmental movement were not exactly shiny happy people. Many were anti-human closet eugenicists, in the pay of unsavoury organizations or just plain communists or anarchists.

Climategate. The climategate emails revealed that the science was not settled, far from it. The scientists had doubts in private that they would not reveal in public. They were worried, they were committed to a cause and the cause took preference over the science. The scientific data was manipulated.

The Stalemate

The Alarmists have all the power. They are not the sort of people to slink off into the undergrowth even if the ‘no warming’ converts into ‘cooling’. The IPCC will not self abolish.

The Alarmists are looking to consolidate via carbon trading emissions schemes. If they were to be successfully implemented worldwide then those enormous revenues would fund new green empires.

The warmists are reliant on extreme weather events and data reanalysis to produce alarm.

Consumer energy prices cannot withstand the continuous assault for much longer, industry has to juggle with the same problem plus increased controls and regulations.

The public at large are aware of climategate, much of what was revealed now limits the range of deceit and several of the team are bunkered down or involved in court proceedings resulting indirectly from the revelations.

The public are increasingly immune to alarmist protestations.

The BBC is now widely considered to be a discredited organization, not exclusively the result of its climate propaganda, ironically a general fall in standards and several scandals have got the BBC teetering on the brink.

What Next

That depends on the climate and the level of blow back resulting from the implementation of Green measures. Even in a cooling world the climate wars could go on for ten to fifteen years more.

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ADL – a step too far in entirely the wrong direction

Shelley Rose, ADL Southeast Interim Regional Director issued the following statement:

University of Alabama-Huntsville Professor Roy Spencer’s analogy of proponents of global warming to Nazis is outrageous and deeply offensive. This analogy is just the latest example of a troubling epidemic of comparisons to Hitler and the Holocaust.

I say that the above comment would make any normal person feel dirty for having read it, and not least because it was carefully pruned to remove what Roy actually said.

But much more importantly signifies an impending war on climate skepticism. Preparations have passed the planning stage and this action by ADL is the first salvo of the war.

Be aware that the comment is not some naive faux-pas, even though it may eventually be withdrawn, it is the enemy prodding its adversary. It follows on from some recent battle cries that originated from more sinister organisations. Needless to say, there are some very dodgy groups pulling strings in the background and they are stoking up a climate of fear. They intend to use intimidation, persecution and acts of law to silence skeptics.

The war has just ratcheted up from blog banter and jousting to something extremely distasteful that everyone should be seriously concerned about. It’s high time the skeptical blogosphere got its act together and acknowledged exactly what it is fighting.

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The history of climate change

As we all know, the climate never changed until Al Gore decided. So in this episode we take a look back at Al Gore’s invention of climate change and its prestigious inauguration.

It was in 1990 that Al decided to invent climate change, don’t confuse this with weather, that was invented by Michael Fish a year or two before. Previously Al had been bumming around the USA like any other college kid, his big break came when he substituted for Jimi Hendrix at the Woodstock festival in 1969. Al slipped into Jimi’s costume and with a bit of face makeup nobody noticed the difference. He did a very plausible rendition of ‘Star Spangled Banner’, just a few bum notes, but somewhere between Star Spangled Banner and ‘Purple Haze’ Al flipped into a meditative trance and invented the internet. He knew instinctively that it would be called ‘the information superhighway’, a catchy name that has stuck to this day, but more importantly it would revolutionise life on earth and who knows, maybe earn a few bucks. But first, Al would have to develop telekinetic powers to transfer this idea into the mind of a scientist. But at the back of his mind, his first instinct was with the American people, he would use his x-powers to oversee the Apollo space program first and then later maybe persuade Gorbachev to end the cold war. So the internet was put on hold even though vivid images of twitter, skype and whatsapp were still flashing through his mind. Al could see the future. He foresaw his first part-time job as vice-president in 1992 and knew he would have to turn his attention to the climate apocalypse before he started work.

Like all good promotional teams, Al had good people working in the background like Maurice Strong for example, these people unselfishly slave away without any of the fame. Things started to fall into place in 1990 while Al was away trying to create a world government and hypnotise other world leaders with ideas to reduce third world populations, the BBC decided to do a pilot series on BBC2 based on some of Al’s ideas. These were the days when the climate offically started to change, and who can forget the propaganda comedy of that decade. I remember the kids waking up frightened in the middle of the night and having to explain to them that they’ve only had a ‘climate model’, they’re not real, they’re just projections in the outer reaches of some imbecile’s fevered imagination. And who can forget their children coming home from school wanting to save the planet, wanting daddy to drop the little rascals off at school in the car and then go back home to get the cycle to go to work in eleven inches of snow.

Al played on and with his super x-powers still intact, foresaw the creation and collapse of the carbon markets and miraculously got his money in and out just in time. Now al has unleashed his acolytes upon the world and how they entertain us. Maybe Al’s work has finished. He still makes the occasional cameo appearance at climate alarm festivals but retirement is on the horizon. It’s a shame, he deserves a lot of credit but before he signs off he should clarify once and for all if it were he who played the guitar solo on the studio version of ‘Hotel California’.

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More settled science

The thermohaline circulation, also described as the ‘great ocean conveyor’ is one of the most significant control knobs of the climate system.


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Those pesky maps


You’ll all be familiar with Mercator projections, the maps that make Greenland look five times the size it really is. Well the Mercator has fallen from grace but Mercator hybrids are still used and come in useful if you’re trying to exaggerate warmth in the Arctic.

Below we see one situation, same data, two graphics. NASA offer free software to produce the second graphic but they prefer to use the first graphic.

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Order from Chaos

Ideally this subject is best covered by Tallbloke’s Talkshop.

First of all, this is not a theory – just a collection of observations in support of the novel idea that the Sun plays a key role in Earth’s climates, not only by means of irradiance but also by variations of magnetic flux.

The Earth has its own magnetic field commonly described as a dipole with north and south poles and associated magnetic fields reaching out into the Magnetosphere. The Magnetosphere is more than twice the size of the planet but compressed at the equator on the sun-facing aspect of the planet giving maximum protection at the equator. The north and south magnetic fields reach further out and are influenced greatly by solar activity, allowing the Sun to modulate them.

This affects polar weather and the underlying high and low pressure vortices suffer maximum perturbation at times of intense Solar activity. Both poles are dominated by high pressure zones surrounded by low pressure vortices (the circumpolar trough). Chaotic changes are normal but increased at times of high solar activity. The first graphic shows a progression from order to chaos over Antarctica, the second graphic shows a typical pattern over the north pole.

polar image2

The next graphic shows the predominating ocean circulations in the southern hemisphere. Worth noting that these currents are counter-clockwise while the weather systems are clockwise, the question though is do these polar currents control or dominate the whole circulation between the polar regions and the equator.

It’s entirely logical that the equatorial circulation becomes a buffer, the nullifying effect of two counterforces (the doldrums). Protagonism by the polar currents becomes even more likely, despite lesser (planetary) rotational motion they have no opposing forces. If that were the case, changes in geomagnetic energy significantly affect the oceans and by extension the water cycle and by extension the earth’s climatic regions, often referred to as ‘The Climate’.

Southern Inage 3

This blog is in response to ‘Climate due to water-cycle not CO2’ and ‘Solar Magnetic influence on Earth’s atmospheric pressure’. Both are discussed at JoNova.

Solar flares, Sun spots, Mass Coronal Ejections and Geomagnetic storms are all different phenomena, occasional and variable, they do not measure the constant variation of geomagnetic energy.

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